Friday, January 19, 2007

brother and sisterly love...

I just had to share a few more from the other day of my little ones being so cute together. They get along so well right now and l hope it stays like that forever. Dylan missing his big sister so much when she is at school. It is really sweet to see them together. Loving it.


Julie C Butler said...

Hi there, long time no speak .. I treid leaving feedback the other day .. but My computer at work does not like some of the Blogs I frequent ??? Firewalls!!!
So these are awsome!! I just love how you captured them here!! I hope you will frame a few .. SO you are so busy - and how cool about the wedding in the Bahamas .. you must be soooo excited - congratulations .. you deserve it .. that is so cool!
Well - I will talk to you later
Take care, Julie

Anna said...

These ones are PRICELESS - so very sweet! Your kiddos are adorable, too. You've inspired me to try to get some shots like this of my boys.