Thursday, January 11, 2007

100 things about me....

so l have been asked to say 100 things about me...well honestly l thought that would be hard, but once l started writing them down l was surprised on all l can say.
I really enjoyed reading everyone elses 100 things about them. Felt like l got to know people better...some things were far to funny.
So here it laughing...
  1. I am a worrier. I worry about everything and anything. I get this from my nan.
  2. I dream of Africa....this is my wish to go and take photos of the land, the people, the animals...everything. One day!
  3. I hate exercise...need l say more. I just plain hate it.
  4. I walk into things...doors, walls they are always in my way.
  5. I have a huge fetish for office supply stores. Since l was a little girl l would much rather go into an office store and look at all the paper and pens then l toy store. Weird eh?
  6. I have a huge obsession for vacuuming. I vacuum twice a day and wear vacuums out constantly.
  7. I love big bold jewellery. The bigger the better.
  8. Loved to cook but now l just find it to be a chore...maybe because l am on a diet and not eating have the stuff l make.
  9. Favorite colour is burnt red and orange...i think this is because l love the fall so much
  10. Love love love fruit...yum.
  11. I am a huge diet pepsi addict. Got to have it or watch out
  12. I really hate mushrooms...l hate the feel of it in my mouth...yuck.
  13. I want to lose 20 pounds by the summer...wish me luck.
  14. I grow up in the busy city, but now l live in a small town. Love it.
  15. I have brown hair the blonde chunks. Was a blonde for almost 30 years...just went dark...closer to my natural hair colour. My hair was gotten so much darker over the years since l had my kids. It once was really blonde.
  16. I have blue eyes.
  17. I tan up like a berry. Outside for a 1/2 hour and l am brown.
  18. Favorite time of the year is fall... the smell, the cool air, the colours, the pumpkins, warm cozy sweaters. Everything about this season l love.
  19. I have two sisters...middle child. Just found my older sister about 6 years ago and now she is one of my very best friends.
  20. I have been married for a year and a half, but have been with my husband for 9 years. ( We do things backwards)
  21. Wish a had a stronger faith. I believe in god..speak to him and pray but don't go to church or really celebrate or rejoice in him. Something that l really want to change
  22. I have to children. Dylan 2 and Alyssa soon to be 5. No more to come.
  23. Found a new love for gardening...thanks to my sister in law. She has beautiful ones.
  24. I am a list maker. List for everything. If u ask my mom she would say l have been making lists my whole life. When l was little l would even make a list for when we went to our cottage every weekend. Strange!
  25. My favorite flower is Gerber's and daises
  26. I hate cleaning the kids rooms. Far to many little things now. To much stuff. In need of a good spring cleaning.
  27. Love country music...husband hates it.
  28. Love country living.
  29. Obsessed with photography
  30. Hooked on reality shows...l know that they really aren't that real.
  31. I am a blogger.
  32. I am a perfectionist.
  33. I am a beach lover...crave the warm hot sunny days.
  34. I am a artist.
  35. I have a huge fear of snakes and spiders.
  36. When l get an idea ...l want to do it now...and l mean now!
  37. I am very head strong...a good and bad trait.
  38. I am overly sensitive.
  39. I cry very easily.
  40. I want to travel everywhere.
  41. My husband is my very best friend.
  42. Favorite meal....anything pasta.
  43. I dream of being published for my photography.
  44. I couldn't live without my mini van. Thought l would hate it ...but l love it.
  45. Was a real girly girl, but as much anymore. But l still love to get dressed up once in awhile.
  46. Always wear my hair tied back. A mother thing.
  47. I want a small farm house with a few farm animals...really!
  48. Would love to have a in ground pool...dreaming.
  49. I go to bed always after 11pm.
  50. I am huge night snacker. I will wake in the night to visit the bathroom...stop by the kitchen ...grap a treat and go back to bed. I know. Bad, very bad.
  51. Couldn't live without my dishwasher. Greatest thing ever.
  52. I am a big animal lover. Right now we have a dog 8 years old and a 19 year old cat.
  53. Love to do crafts.
  54. Proud to be a job ever.
  55. Hope my kids love me as much as l love them. They are my world.
  56. I get my nails done.
  57. My husband is a firefighter. Very proud of him.
  58. I wanted to be a nurse.
  59. Would die if something ever happened to my computer.
  60. I go to bed with socks on, but kick them off in the night.
  61. I love l really enjoy my job because l get to photograph all ages.
  62. I want have a photography studio one day.
  63. I hate trying jeans on...even before kids.
  64. I am scrapbooker.
  65. I love giving people presents especially home made ones.
  66. I can not relax if my house is in a mess.
  67. I love thunderstorms.
  68. I would love to go back to school again for graphic design or photo journalism.
  69. I want to have a veggie garden.
  70. I meet my husband at a terrible. LOL
  71. I get really bad headaches.
  72. I hate to iron, only if l have to.
  73. I have extremely curly hair. Everyone loves it...except me. I flat iron it.
  74. I love papers and pens...l know very weird.
  75. I am always cold...even in the summer.
  76. I hate the smell of smoke. Yuk.
  77. I have 7 medications that l am allergic to and have to wear a medical alert bracelet.
  78. I absolutely hate night driving. Dread it.
  79. I want to move to the sea side.
  80. I hate pepper...only like salt.
  81. I miss my nanny so much...i think about her always.
  82. I love black and white photos over colour.
  83. My parents divorced when l was 26.
  84. I have a hard forgiving myself for past mistakes.
  85. I wish he had a cottage. When l was younger l spent my whole summer up at the cottage. Amazing memories.
  86. I wish l went to the hair dresser more often. It always makes you feel good.
  87. I am a huge home body. Love just being at home.
  88. Love candles.
  89. I love to bake.
  90. I miss my parents... even though l am 31 l still need them. They both live busy lives.
  91. I had a great childhood.
  92. I am a control freak. Need l say more.
  93. I need to try to be more outgoing.
  94. I gained 90 pounds with my first pregnancy. HELP.
  95. I want to be the best mother possible.
  96. I like to play a bit of poker here and there.
  97. I am addicted to 2peas and blogs.
  98. I went to college.
  99. My husband is from Newfoundland. Amazing place.
  100. I am me.

Thanks for looking at my 100 things about me. Remember l said don't laugh.


Julie C Butler said...

OMG! We have so much in common ..
Except that I love mushrooms! LOL!!
It would be nice to meet up some day!!
I am sure we would get along super well!!
Thanks for sharing your long list - it was fun reading about you ..
BTW - how many vaccums do you go through in a year?? LOL!!
Take care,Julie

Amanda said...

I LOVE it! Too fun! Yeah, can you come vaccuum my house? Thanks for sharing your list. I loved reading it!

Anna said...

It was fun to read your list! You sound like someone I'd love to be friends with!