Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Getting so nervous....

I just have to say that l am getting so nervous. Our dog is going in for surgery to get his eye removed on Thursday evening. Surgery is not till Friday at 10:30am. I feel as though this is like one of my kids. I keep calling the vet asking questions...making sure things will be fine. But l still can't help but be worried. I hate the fact that he is going to be over night at the vet hospital Thursday as well as Friday night. Friday he will be drugged up ...but on Thursday he just wont know what is happening to him. Magnus has never been in a kennel so this is just going to freak him right out.

The worst part of this all is that l am going away Friday night to see Colin James in the city with my older sister and will be spending a night out in Toronto. Therefore l will not be home when Magnus gets picked up from the vets on Saturday. But l am so looking forward to night out with my sister. Not very often that we get together so this will be fun. I am sure Magnus will be fine, but l just can't help but worry about the guy. Like l said before we love him so much. He has been an amazing dog to us all. So please think positive thoughts about him on Friday at 10:30am when he is having his surgery...sniff...sniff. Heres to the one eyed dog!

Just have to say that l am very excited. l just had my 8th wedding of the year booked last night. So l will be very busy with alot of editing to do. Great couples so l think they will all be so much fun.

I will keep everyone posted about our boy Magnus and how things went.

Have a great week everyone.

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Amanda said...

My thoughts are with your family and dog. Go enjoy your night out!

Hey - I'm tagging you to list 6 things that make you happy. Pass it on to 5 others when your done! :)