Thursday, February 1, 2007

missing in action..........

hi everyone....

I feel like it has been ages since l posted last time here but so much has been happening. Alyssa's birthday party was a blast but when having that many kids together one of them is bound to have some "germs"/ Almost everyone who came to the party ended getting a really BAD case of the stomach flu. I think thirty people came down with it. I truly can't remember the last time l was so ill. The hardest part of it all, is everyone in the family was feeling the same way. I stayed in bed all day Saturday and Sunday. Which is something that doesn't happen very often. I was trying so hard to look after my wee ones but at the same time just couldn't function. My husband was the same way. We all seem to be on the mend now but Dylan had it the worst. Poor little guy he still doesn't want to really eat. I have now disinfected my house from top to bottom and pray that all the germs are gone. I have never done so much laundry in the past few days. Both the kids have favorite blankets and when they were sick they had to be washed NOW!. I am sure some of you moms out their can relate. Anyhow all seems to be getting better.

Sad news in our house. Our dog is very ill. He took sick in the beginning of Jan. We thought that he was going blind in his one eye and it was giving him problems. So off to the vet we went. We were told that he had a eye disease. So we started treatment on his eye with special drops. We have spent $600.00 already on him and are now told that it will not fix the problem. That they would need to remove his eye which is estimated at $1500.00 and that it may not work for the disease may spread to his other eye. This is all really hard for us and we are feeling alot of guilt because we are unable to give him the surgery. To much money. We have had a really tough few months financial with money set backs. The list is to big to go into detail. There we have no more money to give. With to small children we have to put their needs first. My husband and are true animal lovers and our dog Magnus is so much part of our family. He is going to be 9 in April and is part newf and lab. Beautiful and sweet. He is a gentle giant. Actually he thinks that he is this tiny lap dog, but weights 90 pds. My husband and l tear up all the time these past weeks thinking of the day when we will have to put him down. So now we wait until he shows signs of pain or discomfort and then we know what we must do. I just love him so much and wish we could do more, but we had to draw the line somewhere. Times like this l wish l was rich. I do know that he has had a great 9 years and has been spoiled rotten and has always had me home with him to love him up. I guess this is the down fall of having pets. It is so hard. So please keep him in your thoughts and pray that he is going to be okay.

Now to something that made me laugh but was a inconvenience is Dylan my 2 year old decided to sneak into the office and play on the computer. When l came into the room everything on the screen was completely upside down. He had pushed a button or code.... something to flip everything on my monitor the opposite way. When l walked into the room he was all smiles and said, "hi mommy". It is hard to get angry when they have that toothy grin. So my sister in-law and me tried or best to fix the problem but were unable to. So off to the computer shop the PC went to get a quick fix. The guy there was laughing and said there is a first time for everything.....! so true. The things they do.

On a positive note l have lost 11 pds in the month of January. Wow. Feels so good. I am loving weight watchers so far. Sometimes l get hungry, but nothing as bad as past diets. So l hope the next ten come off just as fast. Wish me luck.

I am going to try to snap a few pictures of magnus this week. I will post some later.
Have a great rest of the week everyone.


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Julie C Butler said...

Tracey - I am so sorry about your Puppy dog .. I would love to see some photos of him. You are right - they become a very big part of our families .. and we love them all so very much. And they don't live long enough - that is for sure.
WOW! Congrats on the weight loss .. I have been at a Plateau for the past few months .. losing a few lbs here and there .. but nothing drastic .. I am 12lbs ish under what I weight before Cameron - so that is good - but would like to loose another 15-20 .. So keep going girl - you are doing great!
I have been missing you ..
Take care, and will talk to you soon