Friday, February 16, 2007

update on Braydon....

Just a quick update on Braydon.
He is awake and is talking abit.
The medication is extremely strong so he is alittle out of it.
The concern at this but is did the swelling case any brain damage.
I spoke to my friend last night before bed and she said that he still can't walk.
he can move his legs in the bed abit but is unable to move them when walking and that he is in extreme pain when standing.
The doctors said that they thought that would be getting better alot faster, but everyone is different and that it is just a waiting game.
The good news is that at least he still has function in his legs, therefore they can retrain them through physio.
It was so touch and go on Wednesday night. I am still in shock by all the events that happened that night.
honestly l already hug and kiss my kids a hundred times a day, but now l make it 200.
Thanks for your prayers and l will let you all know more later.
PS. Magnus is doing great. Alot of sleeping and relaxing but his eye is starting to look so much better.

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