Sunday, March 11, 2007

waiting for signs of spring....

How badly do l want spring? Really bad.
They weather is going up to plus 8 by mid week yahoo,
but then it is going to drop again down to the minus (yuck).
I am so tired of winter.
As l sit here right now and look out my window the sunshine is beaming in my window and l can feel the warmth on my body. LOVE THAT.
But at the same time it is going to take weeks for all this snow that we have to melt.
We have a good few feet of it out there.
I just want to see the grass start to go green ... the smell of the outdoors in because you have all the windows open in the house to let the fresh in.
To see the trees a budding and the birds a singing.
I am so tired of having to put the snowpants, hats, scarves, mitts, boots on and off...on and off.
I am tired of it all cluttering up the door area, with wet floors and the signs of winter.
I just want it all over.
So please spring hurry about and help me fight these winter blues.

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