Sunday, May 6, 2007

Life is great...such a beautiful weekend!

We were all blessed this weekend with such awesome weather.
Spent all weekend enjoying the great outdoors.
The only thing is a l got far to much colour. I usually go brown as a berry...but it was the first colour of the year and well lets just say l am feelin the sun right now.....but l will be brown when l wake up.
Had sometime to kill this evening so l thought that l would browse my favorite site in the whole wide world "2 peas in a bucket"...but its down :(...for those of you how don't know what it's only the best photography and scrapbook site in the whole wide world. Oh ya Happy belated national scrapbook day everyone....
Took some great shoots this weekend of the kiddos so l will post them later. Here are just a few of them in our back yard.
Have a great week everyone!


Noel said...

Cute cute kids! Your borders are pretty cool, great idea.

Julie C Butler said...

wasn't it the best weekend?? :)
Your kids are just so darn cute!!
I love the blond hair - and blue eyes!!
Just too cute .. these are fun photos!!

Megan said...

I did it Tracey..I blogged! Thanks for checking in on me.

Love these shots..the red shirt is soo favorite color. Fun stuff! Glad you guys had a god time.

Amanda said...

Looks like such a great park! I wish we had more trees here.