Friday, February 1, 2008

The winter blues....

Have l ever mentioned how much l truly hate winter. Well l do. Never have. I was one of thoose kids that never even wanted to step foot outside during these months. I hated the cold. Truly l could live somewhere that it is warm all year around. Even when the summer comes l find that l still bundle up, layering myself in sweaters. I am a sun seeker and love nothing more then the warmth of as you can see winter gives me the blues.
I become a hermit and live indoors from november to Like today here we are in a middle of a snow storm. Minus 15 and we are about to get oh.................30cm of snow. I hate it. Kids had 3 days of no school this week because of the weather., and our city went of strike as of noon today so no snow plows...lovely.
I sit and wait patiently for spring...okay maybe not patiently but l oh so badly want it toarrive...
Tomorrow is Ground Hog day and l am keeping my fingers crossed for an early spring :)
This weather makes me lack energy and even the desire to pick up my camera. I have these ideas floating in my had but need the weather to break. Come on spring arrive soon PLEASE!

Anyho...Alyssa is having her 6th birthday party this sunday. So her and l put the lot bags together today. She is bursting. This is her first year that she is having class mates. To cute. I went to my local dollar store and bought these cute little wicker purses for the girls and little napsakes for the boys. Something alittle different l thought. There will be 14 of them. Thats right 14. What have a gotten myself may need to call in back up. Here are just a few pictures of my little creations.

These are for the girl's...




and for the boy's...


Finally my last shot of the day was Dylan having a nap in front of the TV...legs up and hands down his pants. Such a little boy. I just had to snap a picture :)



Michelle C said...

That's such a cute "party favor". I love that picture. I remember the first time I saw it. So stinkin' cute. Really cute idea. Good job.

Shelley said...

What a fun idea and the picture you chose is perfect. Love the pic of the little guy :)